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Causing 51% of deaths in women and 42% of deaths in men in Europe, cardiovascular disease is the main cause of death in the old continent.  Cardiovascular disease causes more deaths among Europeans than any other condition, and in many countries still causes more than twice as many deaths as cancer.

The burden of cardiovascular disease constistutes a major challenge for healthcare systems all over Europe. Healthcare costs from CVD are projected to increase further across all economies until the end of the decade, let alone the indirect costs due to lost productivity from premature mortality, and the costs of morbidity.

To address this major challenge, an effective organization and financing of healthcare services is urgently needed. This is one of the main points that the Leadership & Management Forum in Cardiovascular Medicine is aiming to. The Forum, that will take place in Vienna, June 16th-18th, will bring together more than 400 heart specialists from the medical, health economics and med-tech sectors, from over 20 countries across Europe and the USA, who will analyze the dynamics and trends in the epidemiology and burden of cardiovascular disease, the new medical technologies and the factors determining the effective organization and financing of healthcare services.

“The Forum will bring together senior executives from the cardiovascular community who are occupied either in the academic field or in the National Schools of Public Health, plus directors of cardiovascular clinics and labs, decision makers in public and private health care sectors, as well as executives in the Insurance, Pharma and Medtech Industry,” said Forum President Prof. Panos Vardas, Professor of Cardiology at the University of Crete and Chairman of the Brussels-based European Heart Agency.

With 40 internationally-renowned speakers, the forum will help young cardiovascular specialists to find out how they can prepare for the future and address these challenges. “We plan to involve well-motivated young specialists, who aspire to become leaders in the field of cardiovascular medicine”, he added. “Their participation will give them a unique opportunity to interact with well acknowledged multimodality speakers and to share experiences and visions that will enhance their own careers.”

The participants will also get informed on the cutting edge techlologies in cardiovascular medicine, such as 3D organ printing, and will learn more on how digital technologies will transform clinical practice in the near future.

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